lunedì 15 ottobre 2007

BLOG ACTION DAY English version

I have always prefered to avoid this kind of initiatives: never been an ecologist.
The situation started to change when I realized what was happening around me: chemical industries situated in big cities spoiling citizen's enviroment, unbreathable air caused by pollution and smog, industries selling food treated with impressive quanitities of fungicides and unhealthy meat since the breedings are kept in horrible conditions.
Thus, after these considerations I use to think about nature as a part of myself and I bear in mind to respect nature as I respect my self, not less or more than me.


1 - Eliminate radioactive waste in a safe way.
2 - Try to reduce pollution according to Kyoto's parameters.
3 - Try to avoid the distribution of unhealthy foods.
4 - Improve conditions of the animals we are going to eat.
5 - Be always aware of the effects of the electromagnetic waves.

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